Fighting Fall Germs!

Now that it is finally fall and we are all crazed over pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, why not be crazed about supporting our immune system?!  Germs are everywhere, there is nothing that we can do about it!  Wait a minute, yes there is!  Our immune system plays a big role in how well our bodies fight off infection.  

On the whole, our immune systems do a pretty decent job at fighting off disease-causing organisms.  Unfortunately stress, constant exposure to germs, poor diet and lack of sleep can cause your immune system to take a day or two off.  The good news is that you don’t have to get sick!  To function well, your immune system needs balance and harmony.  Adopting healthy living strategies is your first line of defense.  Imagine you are playing the game of football.  You want to win the game right?  You need to make sure you are providing your body with the right defense.  This means eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low saturated fats.  It can be easy in the winter to just cuddle up with a warm blanket and binge watch Netflix!  When we exercise regularly  every one of our body systems function better, including the immune system.   The next one is for all you mom’s out there!  Kids who get more sleep will have stronger immune systems and can fight off more bacteria that they may encounter at school.   You want to make sure you are providing your body with the right support.  One of our staff’s favorite daily immune support supplements is Immunomax II but we have lots of great options for you to try!  
Supplements to support your immune system are not one size fits all, there are lots of different options.  You can try using essential oils, elderberry juice, or Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Sampler containing Gypsy Cold Care, Echinacea Plus, Throat Coat, and Breathe Easy are all great for building your immune system.  Our immune systems need to be strengthened in the right way to help our bodies defend themselves.  Oh and a little pumpkin spice never hurt anybody, treat yourself this fall season!