Healthy Aging

Aging is a part of all of us and there is nothing that we can do about it.  However, there are ways that we can be healthy in our aging process.  There are certain steps that can be taken to reduce the effects of aging in terms of wrinkles, poor skin, hormone balance, a weaker immune system, memory and energy function. Three important steps can be used to reduce these effects such as keeping a healthy diet, supplementation, and always exercising.  By implementing these three steps into your daily life you can reduce the aging effects on your body.  But what else can you do?


There are three different theories when it comes to aging.  The first theory is Programmed Senescence which is known to be the belief that aging refers to genes switching on and off sequentially.  Also, it can mean that age-associated deficits make their way to the surface thus causing wrinkles and poor skin.  Damage theories encompass Programmed Senescence which explains aging as a result of environmental insults to the organism.  More specifically this means there is a wear & tear of cells and tissues, free radical damage, genetic mutation, and the “rate of living”.  DNA damage plays a large role in aging as well as free radical damage.  It is important to reduce environmental and dietary exposure to free radicals.  These things include the use of tobacco, exposure of pesticides, petroleum based products, alcohol, fried foods, and barbecued foods. The second theory is the Endocrine theory which holds that our biological clocks control  aging through hormone release.  Aging can affect our hormones and they can become imbalanced.  The third theory is the Immunological theory that emphasizes the declining role of the immune system as leading to the vulnerability to infections, aging, and death.  Our immune systems are a large part of our bodies and the exposure to increased vulnerability with infections comes with aging.  Therefore, it is important that we keep our immune systems healthy by following the three important steps that I mentioned above.  So it makes sense that most of you have or will have an exercise routine and will try to provide a healthy diet for yourself.  In terms of supplementation we have a few suggestions for you-


  1. Endocrine Tincture- this will support your endocrine organs and balance hormone production
  2. Rad Free- this will manage free radical damage in terms of allergies, immune health, and energy production 
  3. Pro Colors- specifically Pro Purples will support Healthy Aging by giving you more antioxidants 
  4. Super Shake- this is a protein powder designed for a cleanse or an elimination-challenge diet as well as giving you fiber
  5. Fantastic 5- supports brain, heart, digestive health, and daily maintenance of main body systems 

Aging happens to all of us.  However, naturally supporting your body from the effects of aging is a good method to have as opposed to harmful alternatives.  But make sure you are keeping to a healthy diet! This means that you are keeping your fruits and veggies in your diet (as much as you might not want to).  They are extremely good for you!