5 Things to Do to Care For Yourself This Winter

As I write this, there is about 12 inches of fresh snow on the ground outside.  The birds have been flocking around the feeder all morning.  I think how grateful they probably feel that there is a full feeder of their favorite seeds; a little extra care for them on this cold wintry day.


Our lives can feel a little cold like the day outside during this time of year too.  Weather is unpredictable and plans can get changed so quickly.  Schedules and appointments can be hard to keep with crazy road conditions which sometimes makes us feel more vulnerable and not in control!  Comfort food keeps us feeling a bit more ourselves…until the extra weight starts packing on!  Deep inside, we just want someone to do something special for us and make us feel special.  I think February is the perfect month for Valentine’s Day to be for this reason alone!

As I it here, I’m thinking of some simple, easy things to do to help you through this long winter, even though it is a mild one overall.  A few extra little seeds you can find in your life like the birds are fining outside.

  1. Cook Some Soup!  Use a crock-pot or do it in the oven so it doesn’t even need stirred!  Soup can be a very healthy comfort food and it makes your life easier.  Make a BIG pot so it lasts several meals.  You won’t have to think about what you’re serving for dinner for a few days and clean up is very easy!  Some of my favorites are Beef Vegetable, Chicken Noodle, Sausage Green Bean, and Chili of course!
  2. Have a Movie or Game Night! Invite a few friends in or just have your family all together.  Make some healthy snacks and enjoy some good fun for the night.  You can even have a sleep over in the living room for this to make it extra special!
  3. Eat Healthier In Just a Couple Ways! You’ve had a few resolutions that maybe haven’t been the easiest.  Resolve to just eat a bit healthier so you feel less sluggish.  Give up coffee and milk, or maybe decrease to only 1 cup a day.  Do not eat any processed foods for one week and see if you think clearer and feel less bloated.  Find a healthy snack like apple slices and almond butter, or celery sticks with veggie yogurt.
  4. Supplement! Make sure you’re getting at least 5000i.u. of Vitamin D during these months and get a good, whole food multi vitamin as the minimum.  Come in and get an ASYRA consultation, it is an easy way to find the top 4 supplements your body needs right now for wellness.  There’s no guessing; the skin galvanic response testing does all the work while you sit there and hold a metal cylinder!  I have had this done and it has made a difference for me!  I love when it also recommends a diet because it shows beneficial foods, not just a no and yes column.  This gives you more power and control to make the BEST choices and not just OK ones.  It is a greater sense of being proactive in your health and wellbeing.
  5. Get a Massage! This is such a simple thing to do for yourself.  There’s not an easier way to feel being cared for, relaxing and even calmer with a brighter outlook afterwards!

We are here to help you at Natural Options.  Come in and ask questions, we care for you!  We have those golden seeds on the ground to help nourish you through this long winter!

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