8 Steps to making margarine you need to know!

Our world is changing fast. Communication has become inaudible with the technologies of e-mail, facebook and texting. Our children are learning at a much faster pace than we ever did. Every day we are bombarded by new ideas and things to buy. This information comes to us whether we want it or not via ads and even texts on your phone…which you have to pay for if it’s not part of your phone plan. Wow, the advertisers make you pay to hear their ad, that’s economical for them, and frustrating for us! Even though many things have changed in our world, our bodies have not.
God has not redesigned us in any way. Our structure and function remains the same. There are still certain ways our body is fueled and repairs. God created an immune system in place for health, which is fed by basic nutrients found in real foods. Whether it’s pharmaceutical companies or food processors, their products aren’t always what our body needs, want, or can even use.
Let’s look at one particular type of product found abundantly in stores, but not a trace of it in whole foods. In fact, according to Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, it would be considered a “poison” which is by definition “any substance which, when relatively small amounts are ingested…has chemical action that may cause damage to structure or disturbances of function, producing symptomatology, illness, or death.” I can almost guarantee all of you reading this has many products in their home and have even consumed much of this today. It is actually very hard to stay away from, but it can be done. This nasty substance and I cannot call it “food”, is hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, also known as “trans fats”. Examples are found in oils, shortening, margarine, packaged foods, etc.
America was told decades ago that natural fats, butter and oils were bad and would lead to heart disease. We have all heard the advertising gimmicks about lowering cholesterol by eating margarine and low-fat foods. This is a bunch of hogwash! Trans fats are not naturally found in nature and they do not function in our bodies like natural fat either. A main place fats are used is in the cell membrane making it permeable to the transport of nutrients in and wastes out. Trans fats, when used in the cell wall, make it rigid and then the normal cell function is decreased.
Trans fats have also been found to cause an imbalance in prostaglandin production and the end results are chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, heart attacks, strokes and autoimmune disease. These actions are only one of many ways trans fat reduces the function of the body hence making it a “poison.” There have been many scientific studies done to verify this if you search online.
Another big difference is the half life of trans fats verses naturally occurring fats. When butter and fatty meats are eaten, we metabolize half that fat in 18 days, then half of the remainder in another 18 days, etc. The half life of trans fat takes 51 days! That’s almost 3 times longer per half life of the damaging trans fat to be in your body! With this train of thought, it will be many weeks until you feel the full effect of changing your diet even if you quit eating trans fat today! Don’t let “no trans fat” labels blind you either…products can still have trans fats and not list them if it is fewer than allowed by law per serving. Therefore, read labels, even a little is too much!
The most common of all trans fats is probably margarine! Many have been told this is a better choice than butter, but heart disease was almost non-existent in America before margarine was produced commercially in the first part of the 1900’s. Of course we were hit with a double whammy as about this time white flour was also starting to be produced taking the important B4 vitamins away too. What is really the kicker is that both these have been approved and highly supported by the FDA. You have to question that!
Let’s look at just one popular trans fat product we have all eaten: margarine. There are many sites online listing how margarine is made, I have chosen www.stop-trans-fat.om to illustrate my point. Take time to read this and decide for yourself if margarine is really better than butter:
1. “Margarine makers start with cheap. poor quality vegetable oils, such as corn, cottonseed, soybeans, safflower seeds and canola.
a. These oils have already turned rancid from being extracted from oil seeds using high temperature and high pressure. Rancid oils are loaded with free radicals that react easily with other molecules, causing cell damage, premature aging and a host of other problems.
b. The last bit of oil is removed with hexane, a solvent known to cause cancer. Although this hexane subsequent removed, traces of it are inevitably left behind.
2. The raw oils for making margarine are steam cleaned. This destroys all the vitamins and antioxidants.
a. However, the residues of pesticides remain
b. Solvents – that is, hexane – remain.
3. The oils are mixed with finely ground nickel, a highly toxic substance that serves as a catalyst for the chemical reaction during the hydrogenation process. Other catalysts may be used, but these, too, are highly toxic
4. The oils are then put under high temperature and pressure in a reactor.
a. Hydrogen gas is introduced. The high temperature and pressure, together with the presence of nickel catalyst, causes hydrogen atoms to be forced into the oil molecules.
b. If the oil is partially hydrogenated, it turns from liquid into a semi-solid.
c. Trans fats are formed during partial hydrogenation. These are fat molecules that have been twisted out of shape. In liquid oils, the molecules are bent, with the hydrogen atoms on opposite sides of each other.
d. During partial hydrogenation, the molecules are somewhat straightened and now all the hydrogen molecules are on the same side.
e. If the oil is fully hydrogenated, it turns into a hard solid that cannot be eaten. It no longer contains trans fats because the “out of shape” oil molecules have all been broken up to form straight chains. But this does not mean they have become healthy again because of all the unnatural steps above
5. What comes out of the partial hydrogenation process is a smelly, lumpy, grey grease. To remove the lumps, emulsifiers – which are like soaps – are mixed in.
6. The oil is steam cleaned (again!) to remove the odor of chemicals. This step is called deodorization and it again involves high temperature and high pressure.
7. The oil is then bleached to get rid of the grey color.
8. Synthetic vitamins and artificial flavors are mixed in.
a. A natural yellow color is added to margarine, as synthetic coloring is not allowed!
b. In fact, early last century, all coloring was not allowed and margarine was white. This was to protect consumers so that they do not get butter and margarine mixed up.
9. Finally, the margarine is promoted to the public as a health food – with the full endorsement of many scientists, doctors, nutritionists and health authorities.”
What will you put on your bread for dinner tonight? All those steps in making margarine and it is still sold for less than one tenth of organic butter! Just think of the cheap oil it must have started out as! Choose to make a positive step in your health today and reduce, if not totally cut, trans fat out of your food. Remember, God has not changed how we use food for fuel. He created the food according to our design, let’s stick with the plan!