Health Food Trends

Trends come and go.  Ask your parents and they will most likely tell you what has come and gone throughout the years that they have lived.  Just like clothes and shoes, health food trends come and go.  At Natural Options we strive to provide you with healthy options because that is our main focus as being a health & wellness center.


Health conscious eaters have been getting serious in the past year about what they put into their bodies.  I am going to go through the top healthy foods of 2016 right here, right now!  Chia seeds are probably something that you have heard of before.  If you grew up in the 90’s you would remember “Chia Pets”.  There you go see how trends come and go, now I feel old.  In all seriousness, chia seeds deliver as much protein as nuts as well as heart healthy ALA, and plant based Omega-3 fat.  Chia seeds absorb liquids really easily making a creamy addition to oatmeal, smoothies, or pancakes.  Plus, chia seeds are perfect for people with sensitive stomachs because they can be digested really easily compared to flax seeds.  Coconut flour is another one of those new and popular additions that people can add to their baked goods.  Coconut flour is a decadent addition but it is also very healthy!  There are 5 grams of fiber per 2 tablespoons and it is gluten-free!  It can also be beneficial for those with diabetes because it lowers your glycemic index.  Hemp seeds are somewhat similar to chia seeds in that they are a super-healthy seed.  They can be eaten raw, toasted, or sprinkled on yogurt or salads.  They can boast 16% of your daily value of phosphorous and magnesium.  Now onto something a little more exciting, well if you’re a tea enthusiast.  Who likes to drink tea?  I would answer yes to that question for sure! How about drinking tea that could actually help and protect your heart.  Rooibos tea is type of tea that can also raise your good cholesterol levels as well as tasting really good.  Not a bad deal, right?  Almond milk is becoming very popular as well as more and more people are becoming lactose intolerant.  Almond milk is really high in calcium and has 20-30% of your daily recommendation of calcium.  It contains high levels of Vitamin D and has fewer calories than cow’s milk.  Plus, it tastes really yummy in cereal or baked goods!  And then there’s kale!  Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables around.  Kale can provide you with cholesterol lowering benefits whether you steam it or not!  Kale is a good source of fiber as well as providing support to the body’s detoxification system.  Most people eat kale raw in salads, steam it, or broil it in the oven for about 4 minutes to create crispy & healthy chips!  


As you can see, health food trends are booming right now and people are going crazy over the next and best food item on the market!  We have many of these products in store so if something caught your eye, stop on in to learn more or to pick up a bag for yourself!