Heart Health, Is Fat Bad For You?

February is a month where we think of love and happy times.  Heart designs fill the ads and store displays for Valentine’s Day.  Because of all the cupids around pointing arrows at hearts busting with love, February has also become Healthy Heart awareness month.  Doesn’t that sound nice; a healthy heart.  That’s what we all want.  We want to live a long life with no inconvenience of ailments.

When most people think of heart disease and heart attacks, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Do you have an answer?  I bet the majority of you think of cholesterol. That’s what we have been taught through various emotionally charged ads about controlling cholesterol:  “Do you know your number”?  Those ads have been around and around…then you see the pharmaceutical drug name and listen to a rushed, hushed voice about the side-effects including death!   Of course they do show happy, skinny people in those ads that make us want to be like them.  Is that really the case?   Why has heart disease been steadily climbing in America?  If it is due to a deficiency of statin drugs, why is it still going up while more and more people are on those medications?  Then of course there may be side-effects that could require you to be on yet another medication, and the cycle goes on and on.

Those ads also state how those skinny happy people already tried diet and exercise.  Of course the diet they were on was full of low-fat, sugar laden products that are called “food” yet look or taste nothing like our grandparents would’ve eaten back when heart disease was scarcely heard of.  Somehow we are missing the mark.

Man, has not changed in the past 100 years.  Our body still works the same as it did then.  Of course what we feed it for fuel has changed drastically.  Gone are most of the family farms and gardens which has been replaced by commercially grown food available year round.  Food looks better and is more appealing to the eye, but nutritionally is void of many nutrients that it was created to have.  Instead of food, we are eating a lot of chemicals and laboratory synthesized “vitamins” that our body doesn’t like or can’t fully metabolize it.

America has been taught that fat in our diet is bad.  Have you stopped to think about how your great grandmother and grandfather ate?  I know my grandparents were very healthy and lived to a ripe old age with little sickness.  There was no margarine, hydrogenated oils or low-fat, lean meat.  Of course most of the farm raised meat grazed on the green grass and hay, naturally making it leaner instead of being gorged with grains and hormones for bigger beef.  Good, natural fat is not our enemy!  God created us to use it and get nutrients from it.  What He didn’t create was all the chemicals, hormones and pesticides that get into animal fat whether it’s marbled in the meat or in the milk.  Those toxins are what is harmful to our bodies, not the fat itself.  We do have choices of what to eat.  Do you know where the meat for your dinner tonight came from?   Organic or local choices are far superior.

We focus so much attention on the fat content and don’t think about what manufactures have put foods to replace that fat.   One is chemicals that mimic fat, but are toxic to our bodies; the other is lots of sugar or high fructose corn syrup!  From my study of the human body and how it functions, I truly believe heart disease is a nutritionally deficient state that revolves around sugar and high amounts of carbohydrates in the diet, not fat.

Eating refined white sugar or white processed foods like bread, pasta, etc. on a regular basis sets up a cycle within the body that increases inflammation and the end result also works the heart harder inducing heart disease.  This cycle between the liver, adrenals and pancreas works very well when refined carbohydrates are consumed at a low rate.  The protective mechanism for when it is out of balance can only tolerate so much storage of excess insulin from the sugar highs and then the body stores it as fat, while exhausting the adrenals in the process.  It becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to get off of unless you manage the foods eaten and learn a new lifestyle.  The rewards are great with lots of energy and healthier heart.

This may sound a bit farfetched from what you hear on TV, but I have witnessed many people who have made dramatic leaps in their health and wellness by following a basic food plan of natural foods that feed our bodies.  America has become a nation of obese people who are literally starving to death from mal-nutrition.  We talk of health reform and health care, but find more and more nutritionally void foods in our super markets.  When are we going to wake up and take control and responsibility for our own health?

Did you know the heart is just a muscle?  A very, very important muscle, but a muscle none the less that responds quickly to proper nutrition and can rebuild.  It is not a complex organ that only gets help when a heart attack has occurred, but one that needs nutrients daily and can and will be responsive to nutritional therapy?  It is Heart Health month, what will you do to help your heart?  Will you take time to do some research?  Remember, some of the best research was done in the early 1900’s when vitamins were first isolated and before they were synthesized in a lab.  Or go to research outside of America who still believes in the importance of vitamins in their natural food state, not isolated and man-made in high doses.  A few research places I trust are the Weston A. Price Foundation, International Foundation for Nutritional Health, and pioneers like Dr. Melvin Page and Dr. Royal Lee.

Don’t miss the mark on your heart health this year, seriously consider having a personal consultation with Rhonda or having an ASYRA testing done that can help determine nutritional deficiencies and get you on a healthier path to wellness..