Natural Options' News Review

Grove City, PA: January 2, 2015 marked our 9th anniversary in Olde Town Grove City. A smile comes across our faces as we think about where we’ve come and where we’re going in 2015! Rhonda Brooks opened the retail store and wellness center after reclaiming her own health from battling cancer herself so she could offer natural options to help others. When someone faces medical problems, or even just wants to be healthier, everything can seem so overwhelming and even dismal at times, and they yearn to have their energetic self back. That is what Natural Options offers: HOPE. We want to walk their Journey to Wellness alongside them.

We offer several different health modalities to help guide and the products needed. There are 10 people working here now and we started with only massage being offered in 2006, but today we offer massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, personal health consults, energetic/detoxifying foot spa, and colon hydrotherapy.
2015 brings a new membership-based program called Healthy Focus 20|15. We are offering everything at a discount when members pay just $20/month to partner with us in this new program. The benefits include: 15% off all Services and Product, FREE energetic/detoxifying foot spa, monthly $10 mini massage & Chiropractic adjustment, Member only sales, and more.

We also have incorporated Zyto technology using biocommunication to help determine your biological preference for supplements and services. A hand is placed on a special Hand Cradle, establishing an energetic connection allowing Zyto to essentially “ask your body questions” and record the responses or “answers”. The computer generates a report of the findings which helps determine what is best for you and it will also be used in conjunction with other information gathering techniques with a personal consult for an even more detailed program. Our Chiropractor, Dr. Flynn, can also better determine other needs as he works on body building/training and increased movement programs using the Zyto reports.

Natural Options continues to be the trusted place to go for your natural wellness needs. We look forward to serving you in 2015!