What Does Paxil, Prozac, Flonase, Flovent, and Splenda Have To Do With Your Thyroid Function?

Thyroid health is essential for well being and having a life where you are able to do what you want to do. Iodine, as I stated last time, is a must for a happy thyroid. I trust many of you have considered using Iodine, or have already started since reading about it. I also wrote about a very dangerous halide substance, bromine which keeps a body from absorbing Iodine, thus producing a malfunctioning thyroid. Today I want to talk about 3 other halides that will also disrupt iodine absorption by attaching to the iodine receptors: Fluoride, Chlorine, and Perchlorate.

Were you surprised to see Fluoride listed as a health hazard? We have come to think of fluoride in water to help prevent dental cavities, but that is far from the truth. Several studies including one in New Zealand, reported by Social Science and Medicine, 1984, showed no evidence of fluoridation on caries development. Several countries have abandoned this belief, yet many Americans, dentists, and water companies, still believe and spend money on a substance that is actually detrimental to a vital organ, the thyroid, plus fluoridation has been linked to other negative effects like hip fractures, bone cancer, kidney toxicity, teeth discoloration and many others. Fluoridation was known to cause thyroid problems in dogs as early as 1854! Fluoride is also in many medications like Paxil, Prozac, Flonase, and Flovent. Think again before allowing fluoride treatments at the dentist or buying fluoridated drinking water.

Chloride is another halogen that is very important in the body in extracellular fluid, but Chlorine is the oxidized form of chloride that is toxic. It is in many water supplies, pools/hot tub disinfectant and is also used as a whitener, yet it is toxic to the body! A byproduct of chlorine use is dioxin, which is one of the most toxic substances known to cause cancer to mankind! There have been many health risks associated with the use of chlorine and it’s byproducts like birth defects, cancer, reproductive disorders and breakdown of the immune system. We are exposed to chlorine in many ways from pools, to water, to the steam from a hot shower or opening a stseamy dishwasher! Splenda, a popular sugar substitute contains chlorinated sugar….so the very thing people eat to lose weight is actually keeping them from absorbing iodine and having a healthy thyroid to regulate metabolism. Are you getting the idea our foods can be counterproductive and most don’t even know it! As far as using chlorine to disinfect water, other methods are available like iodine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone or ultraviolet light.

Perchlorate is the third one and much less known. I, myself, had not heard of it until I was doing research for this blog. It is quite nasty, and yet a halogen that is found in nature, but can also be man-made. Perchlorate can displace iodine in the body as well as damage the iodine transport mechanism. At low levels, it has been known to cause thyroid cancer, goiter, hypothyroidism, disrupt the normal menstrual cycle and also weaken the immune system. Car air bags, leather tanning and fireworks are all made with Perchlorate, but the main manufacturing use of it is in rocket fuel. Now most of us don’t have rocket fuel in our homes, but we are exposed to it non-the-less. NASA and the Air Force dispose old rocket fuel and other products containing Perchlorate into the ground or abandoned mines according to the Journal of the American Water Works Association. These mines are mostly in the southwestern region making Perchlorate-contaminated water from the lower Colorado River. Perchlorate toxicity is common in these areas. So you don’t live in that region? You aren’t out of danger yet as 70% of our nation’s winter lettuces are grown in this area containing Perchlorate whether organic or conventionally grown! Perchlorate can cross the placenta barrier and is also in mother’s milk.

It seems we are in a cancer epidemic that is reaching more and more people, younger and younger. Dr. David Brownstein, M.D., one of the foremost iodine researchers, claims there is more build up of the above toxic halogens in breast, stomach, ovarian and thyroid cancer patients than non cancer patients. He believes iodine deficiency whether by itself or because of the toxic build up of bromine, fluorine, chlorine and perchlorate keeping the body from adsorbing the iodine. This alone is worth considering taking iodine and detoxing.

As you can see, our bodies are exposed to so many toxic halogens that take up iodine receptor sites making it even more difficult to be healthy in an iodine deficient diet. These halogens can be detoxified out of the body by taking iodine in larger doses equivalent to what is in a normal diet in Japan. It takes nearly 6-12 months to fully detoxify and reach iodine saturation for health. Take control of your health and your thyroid’s health by minimizing toxic halogens and taking supplemental iodine.