Who Doesn't Love Bath & Body Care?

Most of you are probably thinking to yourselves that you have enough bath and body care products in your home already.  However, I spent the morning outside planting flowers in the 90 degree heat and sat there and realized that the sweat from the heat of the day was taking a toll on my skin.  Not to be gross, but we all sweat and it’s hard not to, when the temperatures are so high this summer.  Our bodies have to replenish what we lose, and we have just the solution for you!

As a natural health store, we strive to give you new and exciting options in keeping your skin healthy and clean.  Sweating can cause break-outs if it sits on your skin for long periods of time.  Although it is healthy to sweat, it is important to cleanse impurities from your skin.  Natural Options is excited to announce their new Bath & Body Bar.  This new addition will provide you with specialty bath salts and hand-cut soaps.  Bath salts are essential in the journey to wellness because our bodies can lose nutrients through various things that happen in our daily lives.  How many baths have you taken in your lifetime?  To be honest, I am not a person that would prefer a bath over a shower however with these types of products I am persuaded to change my mind.  Bath salts are becoming more popular because of the health benefits that you can receive through them.  Salt therapy is an effective treatment because it assists in the rejuvenation of cells and induces an exchange of minerals and toxins between blood and water.  Salts can help the immune system by becoming defensive against bacteria.  I can personally admit that I have a low immune system so this would be a product that I should use.  Salts help your endocrine system by recovering from low responsiveness due to daily stress.  Skin allergies can also be alleviated through the use of bath salts because they give an antiseptic effect to the skin.  Ok, hopefully I am not boring you but this information is important to understand.  Most people in general use bath salts and hand-cut soaps for the relaxation of it and that is perfectly ok!  Bath salts and hand-cut soaps really are beneficial to use in terms of keeping your body healthy and happy.  They simply improve your skin’s look and feel, as well as giving you a radiant and healthy glow.  
Using the power of nature to heal your body definitely says something.  Next time you are about to take a bath think about trying a bath salt to improve and rejuvenate your skin.  These products will leave your skin smooth and soft because of the natural ingredients.  Being healthy is a choice that you personally make towards creating a better life for yourself.  I mean who doesn’t love a new bath and body product to try?