Why Your New Years Resolution May Depend on Doing a Cleanse

It’s the beginning of a new year, how will this year be different for you and your health?  What are some challenges you see on your horizon already?  Challenges can also be opportunities if you face them with an open mind to see beyond the negative to the positive that always accompanies it.  Maybe you’re facing surgery of some kind.  How can you prepare your body for the best outcome?  What can you do with nutrition after the surgery when your body is healing?  Make a plan that works and work your plan.

How do you rate your overall wellbeing from last year?  If there is one area you want to improve, what would it be?  Would you like to lose weight, how about your energy level, what is your cardiovascular history or maybe your digestion is slow and you feel bloated a lot of the time.  What was the first most important area that popped into your mind as you read these questions?  Think about that area and where would you like to be?  What would your life look like?  It may be possible to achieve that.  What are the steps you need to take to make that life your reality?


There are many programs available and the ads will tell you just what you want to hear, but is it really right for you?  Billions of dollars are spent each year on nutritional supplements and most people decide what to buy according to ads of those selling them!  Of course they tell you it’s easy and it’s just what you need!  When you are looking to regain well-being, it is always helpful to educate yourself and look for support from those who are living the life needed for regaining health and wellness.  We have more access to instant information than any other generation has ever had, but you need to know the source.  At the same time, I truly believe we have a responsibility to take our health in our own hands and be accountable for ourselves and our family. It is sad sometimes how much we must be our own best advocate for our health.

The road back to well-being can be quite bumpy and if you’re not prepared or have someone helping you through, it is tough to stick it out to regain your health.  Healing crises are the biggest bumps on that road; times when your body feels terrible for a short period of time while it heals.  It takes more energy to heal than to maintain as it is.  The fatigue can be overwhelming and misunderstood and cause you to give up or revert back to unhealthy choices.  These are important times to communicate with those who have been there that can guide you through it to renewed health.  Healing crises can come from the addition of high quality nutrients that fill a void or even more so when the body is given the chance to detoxify from long buried toxins and stress.  Due to increased stressful lives which increases cortisol levels, our bodies tend to hide toxic wastes in fat deep within the abdomen where unfortunately can be most deadly

Americans have become so obese and yet are starving nutritionally.  It is a sad state in which we find ourselves.  Our foods are nutritionally deficient or have so many toxic additives, preservatives and pesticides that our bodies are not in the greatest of health.  This increased toxic build-up is posing a physical crisis itself in our bodies.  Many times even taking high quality supplements can be hindered by a toxic, plugged bowel that can’t get the nutrients out of the supplements before also absorbing the toxic wastes of dried fecal material.  When you think about the road to health, the first stops needed include a good plan for body detoxification and drinking more pure, alkaline water.

There are many natural options available to nurture and energize the body to release toxic overload.  This is where it is wise to seek the advice of people who have studied body detoxification and know what signs and questions to ask in order to guide you on the path best for you.  There are laxative-like programs that help move stool, but true cleansing means cleaning out the putrefied, dried stool stuck to the sides of the bowel.   This can be done herbally and then aided even more by colon hydrotherapy.   But is more fiber really what you need or will that make matters worse?  The answers to those kinds of questions will be what helps or hinders your progress.  There’s also other ways to help your body give up those nasty toxins like ionic foot soaks, infrared saunas, light therapy or even massage.  Some cleanse programs focus on the bowel while others may have a focus on the liver, gallbladder or kidneys.

As you can see, finding the “means” and the “how” to do whole body cleansing can be complicated to do yourself.  I do encourage you to come in a get an easy questionnaire we have that can help you see if you need to do a cleanse, what kind of cleanse you need, and it is also a way to evaluate how you feel today verses after you do a cleanse! Check into this and make a plan to give your body the best break it can have to greater health this coming year by ridding yourself of the toxic overload of our present society and lifestyles. Of course you should also learn how you can reduce excess toxic burden on your body too by modifying your current lifestyle.  If this seems a bit extreme or uncomfortable to read about, just be open-minded and research yourself.  A good book is I was Poisoned by My Body…I have a gut feeling you could be too! By Gloria Gilbere, N.D., D.A.Hom., pH.D.   This toxic overload can lead to these symptoms and diseases according to the author:  food allergies, chronic fatigue arthritis, autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders, heartburn, acid reflux, liver dysfunction, muscle pains, migraines, colon disorders, anaphylaxis, candidiasis (yeast overgrowth), gluten intolerance, environmental illness, and many more.

An over burdened liver and colon just may be the reason you have had the same New Year’s Resolution for many years in a row to lose weight.  Studies have shown doing a whole body detoxifying cleanse can jump start any weight loss program.  Let’s face the New Year with the resolution of truly leaving the old year behind and all the toxic burdens that it and all previous years have dealt you.  I promise you will feel different when done right and you will love doing it time and time again the rest of your life.