Saturdays at Natural Options

I love coming to work at Natural Options on cold Saturday mornings! After a good and healthy breakfast I head down to Natural Options.  As I open the door and walk into the warmth of a quiet store, I see the shadows of everything I love to talk about and use for my family neatly sitting on the shelf (thanks to Sally who keeps our store super organized). I turn the lights on and get my favorite music going, (while I write today I’m listening to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas “), put some water in the teapot to make a nice cup of tea, and start on my tasks for the day. Sometimes that may be cleaning a bathroom, vacuuming the store, or sweeping the sidewalk while saying “Good morning” to other Olde Towne employees getting ready for their day. When I come to work on Saturday, what I look forward to the most is the relationships I might be able to build with the great people of Grove City. This really is a great little town. When I first came to Grove City almost 8 years ago, I hardly knew anybody. Thanks, in part to Natural Options, I have had the opportunity to get to know many wonderful people. People who have struggled with anxiety or winter sadness that come in regularly to Natural Options to pick up Calm Day or Mood Lift or some other supplement that has helped them in the past. Sometimes clients come by that have struggled with heartburn or other digestive issues and I recommend to them GI Complete or DigestZen. I have to say my favorite people are the elderly folks who come in to get some X-Flame or Tart Cherry Juice to help with their joint pain. As people come in on Saturday mornings, it is different than any other day at Natural Options. This morning I got to talk to a sweet lady who is battling Lyme and share what I have done for myself to feel so much better! Our Saturday morning crowd is ready to share their hearts and I love to learn from them. Not so much are we learning lessons about supplements from them (although I have a few customers teach me a thing or two) but life lessons. Lessons about how I want to be moving and active when I’m 88 years old. Some of these customers have more energy than I do and they attribute that health to wise food choices, supplements, and the grace of God. I learn lessons about how they’ve worked through the loss of a loved one, or battled depression, or helped a family member through a hard time. I’ve learned about hard work and perseverance from these folks. I’ve received lessons about cheerfulness in the midst of difficult circumstances from people who have lost more than I can even imagine. 

So, while I may not always want to leave my family at home on a Saturday morning and I may never become a millionaire working at Natural Options, I certainly do love my job and I love the people that come in on these cold Saturday mornings. You should come by, you never know what little lesson you might just learn!

{Written by Michelle Kunselman}