"I started changing my family’s habits little by little, found superior supplements to enhance our deficiencies, and soon I was back to being my energetic self!"

My family moved to Grove City in 1996 so my husband could get his degree from Grove City College. We had been married for 14 years and already had 4 children. I had recently lost about 50 pounds so I was starting to learn about the importance of what kinds of foods we had been eating and how our lives were being influenced by it and vitamins. I had a good friend who was a vegetarian and we would talk about the need for an organic food store in our town because selections were few and far between at that time.


1998 brought many changes in our lives including my diagnosis of Thyroid cancer. That was a shock to us and the battle started. I chose a traditional approach for treatment because of the positive statistics with thyroid cancer and then continued on the medical protocol as life continued…it’s just that now I was relying on a steady dose of synthetic thyroid hormone daily. It didn’t take me long to realize that life was not the same. My thinking was off, my emotions raw and energy levels were very low. My doctors would do blood work and tell me I was fine. That’s when I really starting studying natural health alternatives more seriously as I struggled to just raise my children. The more I researched, the broader my view became of the various ways my family’s wellness was being hampered; it ranged from the air quality in our home to what we ate to the stresses of life. My discovery of stress on disease (90% of all doctor visits are stress related) led me to enroll in Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in 2001. Upon completing that course, I opened a massage clinic in my home so I could provide massage for the family and myself for help in reducing stress.

Soon it became clear that still more was needed in terms of better foods and supplements to maintain health as I talked to clients and continued my search for vitality. I started changing my family’s habits little by little and found superior supplements to enhance our deficiency’s and soon I was back to being my energetic self. There has not been an antibiotic for infection in our home since about 2002 as we have learned about Natural Options and applied them.

As I talked to people it was apparent that many are interested in natural health but don’t have time to research and then can’t find the products once they know what they need. That’s when I started expanding what I offered in my clinic that has now expanded to where I opened Natural Options in downtown Grove City January of 2006. I really feel that God has led me to this point where I can touch more lives and share what I have learned about the beautiful way He has created each of us and provided for our needs in nature.

My family has been very involved in getting the store ready to open and help out more around the house in taking up the slack from mom being gone so much. A big “Thank you” to all of them.

Rhonda Brooks
Owner, Natural Options